Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Hi there! Welcome to Olive + Wisteria. My name is Ashley and I thought I’d give you a little bit of background information about myself.


This past spring I graduated from high school after four incredibly busy, but amazing years. I was super involved in my school for all four years that I was there. I played in three musical ensembles, was a member of the volleyball, basketball, cross country and track teams; was on students’ counsel and music council, took piano lessons outside of school and also had a part-time job. Needless to say by the end go high school I was exhausted.

In grade twelve I applied to a super competitive program at Waterloo University and some how managed to get in. This fall (2017) I started at Waterloo’s School of Architecture and quickly learned that it wasn’t for me. It was a very hard decision to come to, but I decided it would be best for me to take a year off to thoroughly explore my options and figure out what I truly want.

Why did I start Olive + Wisteria

I have always had a passion for (good) food and photography, so one of the projects that I am taking on this year is this blog. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve suffered from digestive issues and as a result do not eat many types of food (dairy, wheat, refined sugar, meat). Over the past few years I have been developing recipes for fun in my free time and shared some of them on my previous blog on Now that I actually have the time I’ve decided to make a more official blog where I can collect my thoughts and share my ideas. I hope that you’ll tag a long for the ride and take interest in what I have to share here with you.

My Food Philosophy

I am a firm believer that we should be able to eat whatever the hell we want. Yes, I do have dietary restrictions, but I don’t let that control my life. I think it’s good to be flexible and not to be a total “food snob”. I think the key to a healthy relationship with food is to know your enemies (in my case it’s wheat and dairy) and to work around that. You should never feel guilty for allowing yourself to indulge.

I also think that it’s best to buy local and organic when possible. I know, I know, that makes me sound like a total “food snob” but it is honestly so much better for us and our planet to eat local and organic when possible. A really interesting book on the topic of organic farming came out this year and totally changed my views. It’s called The New Farm and I highly suggest that you read it, it’s not only informative, but also very funny.

As you may have noticed I mentioned above that I do not eat meat. This was a decision that I came to by accident. I was having a crummy week stomach wise so I decided to eat very basic foods to reset my system. I cut out meat for the week and that turned into two weeks, then a month and so on. I realized that I didn’t enjoy eating meat that much and it has such a negative impact on the environment that it just wasn’t worth it for me. So that is my vegetarian story. I am not trying to convert anyone, everyone is entitled to their own food habits and opinions.