A Vegan Food Adventure in Hamilton + A Happy Discovery

A Vegan Food Adventure in Hamilton + A Happy Discovery

I have just returned home from a lovely weekend of visiting friends. Last week when I got my work schedule and saw that I didn’t have to work Friday – Monday I jumped at the opportunity of being able to get away for a few days. After starting my online biology course on Friday morning and doing a few things around the house, I got in my car and drove down to Guelph to visit with my friend Riley. We had a relaxing evening of campus touring, good food and Netflix, my ideal Friday night. The next morning we got off to a pretty late start then went for a yummy brunch at a cute little restaurant/ coffee shop in Downton Guelph called The Cornerstone. I ordered a tofu scramble with a side salad and crispy potatoes (a brunching must!). That was my first time trying tofu scramble and I’ve got say it was pretty good. After our brunch and a bit of wandering in downtown Guelph we said our goodbyes and I hopped in my car once again and continued on to Ancaster to visit with my longtime friends, Eryn and Ryann.Saturday turned out to be another lazy evening, which was fine for me. Eryn and I were both exhausted and passed out at eight after making homemade pizza for dinner. This is where my “Happy Discovery” comes in. First, a quick side story. Eryn’s sister Ryann is similar to me, she can handle gluten, but not wheat. Last year when Ryann was working in Italy on a gap year she discovered that she could eat the wheat o ver there with little to no issues. She inquired about the type of flour and found out that they use what is called “00′ flour, which. can be purchased in most grocery stores here in Canada. On Saturday night when we were baking our pizzas Ryann used “00” flour to make the dough for her crust and allowed me to try a slice and see what the outcome would be. I went into this experiment very hopeful and came out very happy. I CAN EAT THE “00” WHEAT FLOUR!!! I woke up the following morning with none of my usual post-wheat consumption symptoms. I didn’t have a headache, I wasn’t bloated and my stomach was not trying to kill me, it was a miracle! I am so excited to get my hands on some of this flour and do some baking. Hello traditional sourdough! This was a big win for me.

Smiling because of this amazing discovery!

And now back to the tales of my weekend adventures. Sunday morning Eryn and I got up early and made some yummy gluten free chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Eryn had a big project to work on, so while she was doing that I fooled around on the baby grand piano in the living room. Around 12:30 Ryann, Eryn and I drove into Hamilton to get cauliflower “wings” at a restaurant called Democracy Coffee House. Democracy is a super cute coffee bar and vegan restaurant on Locke Street in Hamilton. There menu has tons of vegan goodies from poutine to Mac ‘n cheese and apple caramel ice-cream. I really loved the atmosphere in the place too. It’s super cosy and fun, a must visit if you ever happen to be in Hamilton.